mimosa tree

Beautiful Mimosa Silk Tree Seeds from Pods - 20 seeds


We have had two of these gorgeous flowering trees in our yard for the past 35 years or so, proving they are hardy and can flourish even into the rough climate of Upstate New York (Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester).

mimosa flowerOur trees were transplanted from Eagle Lake, Florida, many moons ago, and these seeds are their offspring. The Mimosa tree will grow readily in almost any climate, though it prefers a climate with good moisture. Here is a page with some more information and nice photos (click on the links). Grow these from seed and you'll have beautiful mimosa trees in your yards for many years. Your neighbors will want your seeds and saplings, which will grow wild almost anywhere a mimosa tree is nearby.

Here is a very good guide on how to germinate the seeds and get your mimosa trees started.

The flowering mimosa (Albizia Julibrissin) is a medium-sized crown shaped tree with palm-like foliage and pink-white powder puff blossoms. Because of the delicate blossoms they are often called "champage" or "silk" trees. Blooms give way to flat seed pods like the ones shown in the photos.  These trees are very hardy and will prosper just about anywhere in the continental US to 25-30 feet in height and even wider width. Excellent shade tree and a great reproducer. We have to cut down offspring every year or we'd be overgrown with these lovely trees.

mimosa podsI started some of these from seed myself and of 8 plantings, six took and are still growing. Best results is to use the instructions in the link above, use a jiffy pack and they'll be up and growing in a week or less.

These will take all the sun and water you and nature can supply. In a year or two, your Mimosa tree will be the envy of the neighborhood. I know, because people are always stopping by to marvel at the beautiful blossoms and asking about the tree, so I have begun to grow and sell them myself.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. If you follow the germination instructions, you will have more of these trees than you need. I suggest starting 4 to 6 from seed (unless you own a golf course or vast country estate) because these little trees grow fast and get to fairly good size in just a few years.