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NCAA College Football 2010-11 Week FINAL Top 25

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NCAA Top 25 Pre-season Rankings

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NCAA College Football Top 25 - FINAL

Rick Gagliano | Through games of January 10, 2011

1. Auburn 14-0
1. TCU 13-0
3. Ohio State 12-1
4. Oregon 12-1
5. Stanford 12-1
6. Wisconsin 11-2
7. Nevada 13-1
8. Boise State 12-1
9. LSU 11-2
10. Oklahoma 12-2
11. Alabama 10-3
12. Oklahoma St. 11-2
13. Arkansas 10-3
14. Florida State 10-4
15. Mississippi St. 9-4
16. San Diego State 9-4
17. UCF 11-3
18. Virginia Tech 11-3
19. Miami (OH) 10-4
20. Iowa 8-5
21. Northern Illinois 10-3
22. Nebraska 10-4
23. Michigan St. 11-2
24. Tulsa 10-3
25. North Carolina St. 9-4

--- FINAL Rankings Notes below ---

FINAL Rankings Notes:

In the record books, the Auburn Tigers will be declared national champions by virtue of their 22-19 win in the BCS national championship game, but, as is usually the case, there is reason to believe that they should be sharing it with another team, this season, the TCU Horned Frogs, who looked every bit like the best team in the country when they defeated a very solid Wisconsin team by a similar, 21-19, score in the Rose Bowl.

The Horned Frogs finished up 13-0 to Auburn's 14-0, but according to the BCS, the Horned Frogs weren't worthy of playing for the national championship because they are not one of the "Big Six" conferences which annually receive prefeential treatment from the "official" guardian of college football.

Here at Downtown Magazine, however, we are not so constrained by computer rankings, politics or any other artificial ranking devices. We call them as we see them, as we did last season when the same fate was delivered to undefeated Boise State. Once again, we stand unconvinced that Auburn is the best team in the country and declare TCU and Auburn to share the top spot in our rankings and thus become co-national champions.

Besides the fact that TCU did not get an opportunity against either Oregon or Auburn, the BCS national championship was one of the worst in recent memory, at least until the final minutes. Most of the tragedy of that game was caused by the poor field conditions which saw players slipping on new sod laid down at University of Phoenix stadium on virtually every play. This kind of field should never have been the case, since the stadium is ensconced in a climate-controlled environment.

The slippery field no doubt contributed largely to the low score in the game, though credit should be given to the defenses. However, Auburn QB Cam Newton and Oregon's explosive running back LaMichael James both appeared tired out and unable to cut. Their body language was much like that of thoroughbred horses attempting to gallop on muddy, tiring tracks.

Additionally, Auburn scored the game-winning field goal off a flukey play, in which freshman running back Michael Dyer was ruled not down (though NFL replay officials might have noted that his wrist, not his hand, was on the turf and thus should have been ruled down) after a short gain, and proceeded to take the ball down to Oregon's 20-yard line with time winding down.

Still, that play stands, as does the final score and Auburn's BCS championship. The other slap at TCU by the BCS was having them ranked third - behind Oregon - in their final rankings, released Tuesday, January 11, even though the Horned Frogs were ranked second in the AP and USA Today Top 25 polls.

Other notable blunders by the flawed BCS system were to leave out any mention of the Mid-America conference, where both Northern Illinois and Miami (OH) had spectacular seasons and won their respective bowl games.

In deference to a playoff system for college football, we noted with great interest that the best-looking teams on the field during the bowls were, besides TCU and Wisconsin, Stanford, Ohio State, Boise State, Oklahoma, Alabama, and especially Florida State, LSU and Mississippi State. Add them up and include Auburn and Oregon, and there would be twelve schools deemed worthy of at least a shot at the national championship in a playoff scenario, instead of the ridiculous two currently offered by the BCS.

As we do seemingly every year at this time, we state our disdain for the current BCS system and wish the NCAA would finally institute a playoff system so that at least the season would not end with more than one undefeated team that deserves better than also-ran status.

College football would be better for it and fans, colleges and players would be much happier in the long run.

Copyright 2010, 2011, Rick Gagliano, Downtown Magazine. All rights reserved. Downtown Magazine is located in the Uinted States of America and is not affiliated with the National Football League or the NCAA. For more information, contact us here. Use of this site is for entertainment purposes only.


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