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NCAA College Football 2010-11 Week 6 Top 25

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NCAA College Football Top 25 - Week 6

Rick Gagliano | Through games of October 9, 2010

1. Boise State 5-0
2. Ohio State 6-0
3. TCU 6-0
4. Nebraska 5-0
5. Oregon 6-0
6. Auburn 6-0
7. LSU 6-0
8. Michigan St. 6-0
9. Oklahoma 5-0
10. South Carolina 4-1
11. Alabama 5-1
12. Oklahoma St. 5-0
13. Stanford 5-1
14. Arkansas 4-1
15. Utah 5-0
16. Nevada 6-0
17. Arizona 4-1
18. Florida St. 4-1
19. Iowa 4-1
20. Air Force 5-1
21. Wisconsin 5-1
22. Virginia Tech 4-2
23. Michigan 5-1
24. North Carolina St. 5-1
25. Missouri 5-0

--- Week 6 Notes below ---

Week 6 Notes:

With South Carolina's stunning 35-21 victory over previously-ranked #1 Alabama, serious debate can now begin on just which team is the best in the nation. Of 13 unbeaten teams, we begin with what should be known as the "Obvious Five" of Boise State, Ohio State, TCU, Nebraska and Oregon, and have them ranked in that order.

There's no point in quibbling over whether or not South Carolina deserves to be ranked ahead of Alabama (and below Auburn and LSU). They proved it on the field, and even though that field was their own, #1 teams should be able to win wherever they go. Thus, the reasoning that Alabama is not deserving of a higher ranking than the Gamecocks, and also that the pair of Tigers, Auburn - who beat South Carolina, 35-27 (Sept. 25) - and LSU - a 33-29 winner at Florida this past Saturday - are still undefeated and should receive higher rankings than the Crimson Tide.

It's football, and the results speak for themselves, not the hype, not the polls, not the BCS nor the press reports.

That also means that Iowa is ranked lower than Arizona, even though the Wildcats were topped this weekend by none other than Oregon State, the unwise Beavers having already lost two games - though arguably to two of the best in the country, TCU and Boise St. - and won only three. They remain on the periphery of the Top 25 and are a good bet to reach back into the rankings as they begin to devour other teams in the PAC-10. With no losses in the conference, look for Oregon State to vie for the conference title and a Rose Bowl appearance.

Virginia Tech regained the Top 25 this week with their 4th straight win after two losses, and come in at #22, slightly ahead of NC State, whose only loss was to the Hokies, at #24. Missouri, the last of the unbeaten teams to find a ranking, is #25 simply because they have beaten no teams of any quality thus far. Life gets more interesting for those Tigers as they play at Texas A&M, Oklahoma at home and then at Nebraska the next three weeks.

Keeping in perspective the remaining schedule, before going head over heels on Ohio State and Oregon, remember that the Buckeyes have to meet Wisconsin and Iowa on the road (and host Michigan in their season finale) and Oregon's traditional season-ender is their annual meeting with the Beavers, this season being played at Oregon State.

The same is true of Alabama, which may or may not win the remaining games on its schedule, leading up to their tradition of playing Auburn in the final SEC regular season game. The Crimson Tide are the hosts this season, and note that Auburn has won their two road games thus far by three points each, beating Mississippi State, 17-14 on Sept. 9 and Kentucky this past Saturday, 37-34. The Tigers play Arkansas and LSU at home the next two weekends, so they'll have plenty to prove in those contests.

Two conferences still shut out of the ranking are the Big East and Conference USA. The teams to watch in the Big East are West Virginia, whose only loss was to LSU, and Syracuse, like WVA, 4-1, though their only quality win was just this past Saturday, a 13-9 defeat of South Florida. Yes, Syracuse stands atop the Big East standings with Rutgers, at 1-0. Rutgers beat UConn, in a game in which the Huskies were favored, so beware the Scarlet Knights as well in weeks ahead.

Not getting much press are Michigan State and Oklahoma, at #8 and 9, respectively, though both are unbeaten and still alive for a chance at the national title. The Spartans pounded Michigan, 34-17, on the road and are legitimate contenders. Their only remaining big test may be at Iowa on October 30. who thought that would be a big game? Now it is.

The Sooners had the week off after tagging Texas with their second straight loss on October 2nd, and have a clear glide path to the national championship game in January. Their remaining foes are Iowa St., at Missouri, Colorado, at Texas A&M, Texas Tech, at Baylor and at Oklahoma State.

The BCS will issue their first rankings following next weekend's games. Projecting wins by the Obvious Five, look for Ohio State to be #1, followed by Oregon and Nebraska. TCU will probably get the #4 spot and Boise #5, though Boise has beaten both Oregon State and Virginia Tech, remember?

If Oregon State and Virginia Tech win their respective conferences, would that not put the BCS inside a box from which they could not escape? The 2010 college football season is about to get really, really interesting.

Copyright 2010, 2011, Rick Gagliano, Downtown Magazine. All rights reserved. Downtown Magazine is located in the Uinted States of America and is not affiliated with the National Football League or the NCAA. For more information, contact us here. Use of this site is for entertainment purposes only.


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