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NCAA College Football 2011-12 Week 10 Top 25

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NCAA College Football Top 25 - Week 10

Rick Gagliano | Through games of November 5, 2011

1. Stanford 9-0
2. LSU 9-0
3. Boise State 8-0
4. Oklahoma State 9-0
5. Alabama 8-1
6. Oregon 8-1
7. Houston 9-0
8. Arkansas 8-1
9. Oklahoma 8-1
10. Virginia Tech 8-1
11. Clemson 8-1
12. Penn State 8-1
13. USC 7-2
14. Michigan State 7-2
15. Georgia 7-2
16. Michigan 7-2
17. South Carolina 7-2
18. Nebraska 7-2
19. Southern Miss 8-1
20. Georgia Tech 7-2
21. Kansas State 7-2
22. Wisconsin 7-2
23. Texas 6-2
24. Cincinnati 7-1
25. Florida State 6-3

--- Week 10 Notes below ---

Week 10 Notes:

While Alabama should be out of the national championship picture after losing at home to LSU, 9-6, some pundits are saying that the two SEC teams should have a rematch in January for all the marbles.

Not that LSU's victory was either dramatic or decisive, college football deserves better than all-SEC all the time. A rematch of a field goal kicking clinic would not be in the best interest of the sport, especially since there may be as many as four other undefeated teams, currently Stanford, Oklahoma State, Boise State and Houston.

Houston and Boise State will be shut out no matter what, as the BCS rankings will deny them a ranking higher than #3, unless there are no teams with less than two losses, a distant probability, though Stanford and OKST should play for the national championship should they finish unbeaten.

There's still plenty of football left before crowning LSU as the champs, however. The Tigers should take care of Western Kentucky this weekend and at Mississippi on November 19, though their regular season-ender at home with Arkansas may be a tester, and then, if they win that, they have either South Carolina or Georgia in the SEC championship game.

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There are those who say Stanford was not all that impressive beating Oregon State, 38-13, though winning by more than three touchdowns against any conference opponent ought to be considered a worthy accomplishment. The Cardinal host 8-1 Oregon this Saturday, the winner most likely to hammer out the PAC-12 title now that the conference has been split into two divisions with a championship game on the weekend of December 3rd.

Stanford's schedule is favorable, with their final three games at home. After Oregon, they conclude with visits by Cal and Notre Dame.

Oklahoma State got a scare at home, beating Kansas State, a quality squad, 52-45, and their road to the national championship is full of danger, with road games at Texas Tech and Iowa State before finishing up with Oklahoma on December 3. There is no conference championship game in the watered-down Big 12 this season, so the winner of that game will more than likely be crowned the champion.

Should Oklahoma win that game, a very distinct possibility even without the injured Ryan Broyles, there will be Midwest whining from both teams for a shot at the national title and they might have enough friends in the BCS to garner a shot, though even if Stanford loses to Oregon, there will be a bevy of one-loss teams who could be hollering as well.

Boise State faces TCU this week on the Broncos' home blue carpet. The Horned Frogs are about the only viable challenger remaining to Boise in the Mountain West. Houston pummeled UAB, 56-13, and has remaining games at Tulane, home for SMU and on the road again to end the regular season at Tulsa, though their real challenge will probably be coming from 8-1 Southern Miss, which has a clear path to the Conference-USA title game, presumably to face the Cougars on December 3.

Seven of the Top 25 lost in Week 9, dropping the ranks of the unbeaten to five. After Alabama dropped out of the #3 slot, #9, 10 and 11 were also vacated by Nebraska, South Carolina and Michigan, each of which saw BCS bowl game hopes fade with the losses.

Further down, #23 Arizona State lost to UCLA, 29-28 and #25 West Virginia was taken to task by Louisville, 38-35. Both teams dropped out of the Top 25, replaced by Texas, a 52-20 winner over Texas Tech, and Florida State, easy 38-7 winners at Boston College, making the Seminoles the fourth ACC team in this week's rankings. Florida State is the first team this season to be ranked with three losses.

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