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NCAA College Football 2011-12 Week 12 Top 25

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NCAA College Football Top 25 - Week 12

Rick Gagliano | Through games of November 19, 2011

1. LSU 11-0
2. Alabama 10-1
3. Houston 11-0
4. Arkansas 10-1
5. Virginia Tech 10-1
6. Stanford 10-1
7. Oklahoma State 10-1
8. Boise State 9-1
9. Michigan State 9-2
10. USC 9-2
11. Oregon 9-2
12. Georgia 9-2
13. Michigan 9-2
14. South Carolina 9-2
15. Oklahoma 8-2
16. Kansas State 9-2
17. Wisconsin 9-2
18. TCU 9-2
19. Penn State 9-2
20. Clemson 9-2
21. Baylor 7-3
22. Rutgers 8-3
23. West Virginia 7-3
24. Georgia Tech 8-3
25. Virginia 8-3

--- Week 12 Notes below ---

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Week 12 Notes:

BCS in Chaos

Week 12 in college football was one marked by upsets and upheaval to what is undeniably one of the most flawed systems of picking a champion ever devised, the BCS.

With LSU and Oklahoma State the only two automatically-eliegible teams remaining without a loss - the other is Houston, out of Conference USA - all the Tigers and Cowboys needed to do was win out and the national championship game would be played between two unbeatens from major conferences.

On Friday night, Oklahoma State ran into a determined defense and an opportune offense at Iowa State, taking a 37-31 loss in double overtime, dropping their record to 10-1, muddying the BCS waters considerably.

LSU held up its even of the bargain with a thorough, 52-3, thrashing of Mississippi on Saturday night, a very bad team at 2-9 and an 0-7 record in the SEC.

The Cowboys' loss was only the start of the collapse at the top of the rankings, revealing even more cracks in the BCS. With fans howling for a playoff system over the past ten years, the BCS has closed its ears and eyes, preferring to keep in place an antiquated system of bowl games and big payoffs to major conference participants.

By Saturday night, Oklahoma and Oregon, two more potential national championship participants, were defeated, throwing the BCS into near-panic mode

The Sooners ran into a buzz-saw at Baylor in the guide of Heisman candidate Robert Griffin III, who threw for 479 yards and four touchdowns, including the game-winning, 34-yarder to Terrance Williams with 8 seconds left in Baylor's shocking 45-38 victory.

Oregon, fresh off their win over Stanford and, at 9-1, eyeing a rematch with #1 LSU, fell short in a 39-35 home defeat at the hands of Matt Barkley and the USC Trojans, which improved to 9-2 but are ineligible for the PAC-12 championship of post-season bowl games.

Coupled with one-loss Clemson's 37-13 defeat by NC State earlier in the day - dropping the Tigers to 9-2, with a Nov 26 date at South Carolina and a ACC title game against Virginia Tech looming on December 3, the BCS Top 10 had been decimated.

Making matters even more complicated for the BCS brain trust are upcoming games for LSU. This weekend they host one-loss Arkansas and will play Georgia, an 8-2 team on an eight-game win streak in the SEC championship on December 3, if they get past Arkansas.

Should the Razorbacks defeat LSU, the BCS championship game would be utterly meaningless. Houston could be the only remaining team without a loss. LSU would still play for the SEC championship, despite being tied with Alabama and Arkansas with identical 7-1 conference records, because, according to SEC tie-breaking rules, LSU would have to fall more than five places behind Alabama in the BCS rankings to be knocked out, since they have a 9-6 win over the Crimson Tide in hand.

Even worse, Alabama could then play for the national championship without even winning its own conference. They might even play Arkansas, a sensible choice, should they top the Tigers this Friday, though the Razorbacks lone loss was a 38-14 defeat at Alabama.

Naturally, the Houston Cougars will be shut out of the national championship debate, as will Boise State, with a one-point loss to TCU the only blemish on its 9-1 record.

The remaining choices aren't all that palatable, either. 10-1 Stanford lost badly to Oregon, who lost to LSU, equally badly. Oklahoma State is 10-1, but still has to play Oklahoma this weekend.

Virginia Tech would make sense if they beat Clemson in the ACC Championship game, though they lost to the Tigers, 23-3, back in October.

It's a difficult mess for the BCS, with more issues looming. As it stands, most teams with just one loss are effectively shut out of playing for the national championship and teams which win their conference - take the Big East and Big Ten for example - also have virtually no shot unless they're unbeaten.

The solution is simple, though the initial changes and execution might cause some money to flow in strange directions around the ultra-rich big colleges. A 32-team playoff system would replace - with 31 games - almost all of the bowl games, though some of the lesser bowls could stand intact, albeit with teams out of the national championshp playoff.

If past seasons where the BCS champion was in dispute weren't enough of a indication that changes were needed, this season will almost certainly resolve itself as a tragically-fatal blow to the BCS. Fans of college football are cheering for as much carnage among the top teams as possible in the next two weeks, forcing the BCS to make another season-ending bad choice and raising the chorus for a much-needed playoff system.

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