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NCAA College Football 2011-12 Week 7 Top 25

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NCAA College Football Top 25 - Week 7

Rick Gagliano | Through games of October 15, 2011

1. Stanford 6-0
2. LSU 7-0
3. Alabama 7-0
4. Oklahoma 6-0
5. Boise State 6-0
6. Oklahoma State 6-0
7. Wisconsin 6-0
8. Oregon 6-1
9. Houston 6-0
10. Clemson 7-0
11. Arkansas 5-1
12. Nebraska 5-1
13. Virginia Tech 6-1
14. Kansas State 6-0
15. South Carolina 6-1
16. Michigan State 5-1
17. West Virginia 5-1
18. USC 5-1
19. Georgia Tech 6-1
20. Michigan 6-1
21. Penn State 6-1
22. Washington 5-1
23. Texas A&M 4-2
24. Rutgers 5-1
25. Arizona State 5-2

--- Week 7 Notes below ---

Week 7 Notes:

While the Top Ten remained unchanged over the course of Week 7, there was considerable movement below, as three previously-undefeated teams - Illinois, Michigan and Georgia Tech - each suffered their initial losses of the season.

Michigan failed in its test against in-state, arch-rival, Michigan State, 28-14, Illinois dropped in truly unprecedented ugly fashion to Ohio State, 17-7, and Georgia Tech lost their game at Virginia, 24-21, dropping to 6-1 and #19 in this week's rankings.

In addition to the three undefeated teams going down, there were three other teams with one loss which dropped games.

#19 Arizona State was expected to lose at Oregon, and did, 41-27. A pair of teams from the Big 12, Texas and Baylor, were beaten by other teams in the conference. #23 Baylor was hammered by Texas A&M, 55-28, putting the Aggies back into the mix in this week's rankings.

#24 Texas proved unfit in a 38-26 home loss to Oklahoma State, one of ten remaining unbeaten teams in the NCAA's FBS and three left from the Big 12. Kansas State and Oklahoma are the other two.

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The BCS rankings were released on Sunday, and LSU came out as the top choice, narrowly edging Alabama, .9522 to .9519. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Boise State round out the BCS top five.

Some argument there, though it begs the question, with so many teams still unbeaten, and the top four with games against each other (Alabama hosts LSU on November 5; Oklahoma State and Oklahoma meet on December 3), will it be that the winners of those games get an automatic invite to the national championship?

And what happens if Boise St., Clemson, Stanford or Wisconsin all finish unbeaten? They all could, and there's an outside chance that Kansas State could run the table, though the chances of beating Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Texas in succession seems remote. Then there's 6-0 Houston, which, of course, the BCS figures Conference USA is so inferior that they have the Cougars installed at #19.

If more than three teams finish with unbeaten records, the BCS will be shown, again, to be a complete sham and a disservice to college football teams and fans everywhere.

Two newcomers made the grade, both with 5-1 marks. Washington comes in at #22, while Rutgers, after their 21-20 squeaker over Navy, enters at #24. This is also the first week in which teams with two losses made the rankings. Texas A&M, at #23 and Arizona State, #25, are 4-2 and 5-2 respectively.

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