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NCAA College Football 2012-13 Week 12 Top 25

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NCAA College Football Top 25 - Week 12

Rick Gagliano | Through games of November 17, 2012

1. Notre Dame 11-0
2. Ohio State 11-0
3. Alabama 10-1
4. Clemson 10-1
5. Oregon 10-1
6. Georgia 10-1
7. Florida State 10-1
8. Kansas State 10-1
9. Florida 10-1
10. LSU 9-2
11. South Carolina 9-2
12. Oklahoma 8-2
13. Stanford 9-2
14. Rutgers 9-1
15. Texas A&M 9-2
16. Nebraska 9-2
17. UCLA 9-2
18. Texas 8-2
19. Louisville 9-1
20. Oregon State 8-2
21. Michigan 8-3
22. Kent State 10-1
23. Boise State 9-2
24. Northern Illinois 10-1
25. Utah State 9-2

--- Week 12 Notes below ---

Week 12 Notes:

Oregon, K-State Fall, Notre Dame is #1

After Alabama lost to Texas A&M last Saturday (11/10), the beneficiaries were the Oregon Ducks, Kansas State Wildcats and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who along with ineligible Ohio State, remained the only undefeated teams in the country.

For two of those teams, their chance at the glory of a national championship lasted about one week as Oregon ran into a defensive stonewall and an amazing first time starting QB, falling to Stanford in overtime, 17-14, Saturday night.

Redshirt freshman Kevin Hogan threw for 211 yards and a game-tying fourth-quarter touchdown for Stanford. Running back Stepfan Taylor carried most of the offensive load, rushing for 161 yards on 33 carries.

In the overtime, the Ducks' Alejandro Maldonado missed a 41-yard field goal, but Stanford's Jordan Williamson was on the mark from 37 years out for the win.

Kansas State's fate was virtually sealed when the Baylor Bears proved unstoppable at home in the first half, putting up 28 points midway through the second quarter to outdistance the Wildcats in a 52-24 rout.

Notre Dame, a dark horse for the national title game when the day began, simply went about their business, demolishing an offensively-challenged Wake Forest squad, 38-0.

The work is far from done for the Irish, who face USC in their final game on Saturday at 8:00 pm in a nationally-televised broadcast.

Notre Dame will get a bit of a break, as the Trojan starting QB, Matt Barkley, will sit it out, suffering a sprained right shoulder in USC's 38-28 loss to UCLA.

In the miasma that threw the rankings (and the BCS) into a tumultuous state of disarray, Alabama once again emerged as the likeliest of teams to reach the national championship. The Crimson Tide got back on the winning track, popping Western Carolina, 49-0, in a non-conference game.

Barring a loss to 3-8 Auburn, winless in the SEC at 0-7, this Saturday, Alabama will meet Georgia for the conference title on December 1.

If either Notre Dame or Alabama loses, the BCS will once more be tossed into the muck, with as many as eight teams eligible to claim the right to play for the ultimate title in January.

In a key non-conference match-up this weekend, Florida plays at Florida State. Both teams are 10-1, though Florida's lone loss was to Georgia. If the Seminoles should triumph and defeat Clemson in the ACC title game, they can point to a 17-16 loss at NC State as their downfall.

The idea that a team could lose one game, on the road and against a conference foe, and not play for the national championship, points up the deficiencies of the BCS. Fortunately, next season, the BCS will institute what amounts to a four-team playoff that may quell the criticism somewhat, though many college football fans, including President Barack Obama, believe the playoff structure should be expanded to eight teams.

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