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WEEK 11 NFL Picks- late games

All times Eastern

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Miami at Los Angeles (-1, 40 1/2), 4:05 pm (FOX) - Emerging from the bottom rungs of the AFC, the 5-4 Dolphins have won four straight and are in the wild card chase for certain. LA hasn't done much offensively - they're last in the league at 15.4 ppg - which plays into Miami's hands.

The problem for the Dolphins is playing a second straight week on the West coast, but they should be able to overcome the time lag and road-weariness because they are opposing one of the weakest offenses in the NFL.

Coin Flip: Los Angeles

Rick's Pick: Dolphins 25 Rams 13

New England (-13, 50 1/2) at San Francisco, 4:25 pm (CBS) - Well, the Patriots finally suffered their second loss of the season - and second at Foxboro, to boot - but they'll be certain not to allow the 49ers much hope even in their own arena. Sure, New England has a lot of line to cover here, but the 'Niners are unlikely to present upsetting possibilities in the second half.

Mark up another win for what appears to be one of the best teams in the league and also are very solid following a loss.

Coin Flip: New England

Rick's Pick: Patriots 38 49ers 20

Philadelphia at Seattle (-6 1/2, 44 1/2), 4:25 pm (CBS) - Coming off possibly their biggest win of the season, a 31-24 victory at New England, the Seahawks continue to command the NFC West and play at their favored venue, the loudest in the league.

Philadelphia will likely not be surprised by the volume of fan noise nor the offensive capacity of the Seahawks as they snuffed the league's highest scoring team, Atlanta (32.0 ppg), with a 24-15 score last Sunday. Parity in the NFL is likely at an all-time high, so it's hard to say whether one team is better than another in this instance. Both posted strong wins, but the Eagles are in a dogfight in their division and should be well motivated and prepared for whatever Seattle has to offer.

Coin Flip: Seattle

Rick's Pick: Eagles 27 Seahawks 22

Green Bay at Washington (-2 1/2, 50 1/2), 8:30 pm (NBC) - This game should, once and for all, determine whether or not the 4-5 Packers are headed for the post-season. Washington is one of those teams in the NFC East fighting for a playoff spot, or even the division title and are expected to be on top of their game. They are not overwhelming in any regard, but the way the Packers have been playing - spotty, sloppily, unchallenging - isn't going to get things done in the nation's capitol.

A Green Bay loss should put an end to any playoff speculation Packer fans may be harboring.

Coin Flip: Green Bay

Rick's Pick: Redskins 31 Packers 27

Monday, November 21

Houston vs. Oakland (-6, 46) at Mexico City, 8:30 pm (ESPN) - Now that Trump is president and a wall is likely to be erected just north of the Mexican border, here's a chance for the NFL to build some detente by putting on a display of raucous good "football" in a city that loves what we call soccer.

Regardless of the fan support (they may not like the Texans as much as the Raiders) this should be one of the more exciting Monday nighters of the season, as are most games in which the Raiders are participants. While the Texans certainly have a better defense, their offensive capabilities fall short of what Oakland can accomplish.

Coin Flip: Houston

Rick's Pick: Raiders 31 Texans 21

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