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WEEK 1 NFL Picks- late games

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Miami at Seattle (-10 1/2, 44), 4:05 (CBS) - Biggest line of the week has to mean something. Probably that these two teams are cut from different bolts of cloth.

While Seattle has had continued success over the past five seasons, the Dolphins are still searching for a winnings formula. Miami isn't a bad team; they're just not quite as good as the Seahawks, especially playing at home.

What may work in Miami's favor is that they didn't play a road game (or any kind of regular season game) last week. Thus the travel shouldn't take too much out of them. They keep it close and a break here or there could lead to a mammoth upset.

Coin Flip: Seattle

Prediction: Seahawks 26 Dolphins 24

NY Giants at Dallas (even, 46), 4:25 (FOX) - Um, Dak Prescott, please report to the Dallas backfield. Things have gone bad even earlier than usual for the Cowboys, who lost Tony Romo for multiple weeks due to a preseason injury.

This isn't going to be fun to watch, even though the Giants are pretty pathetic themselves.

Coin Flip: NY Giants

Prediction: Giants 22 Cowboys 16

Detroit at Indianapolis (-3 1/2, 51), 4:25 (FOX) - Not to make too much of the QB matchup, but Detroit QB Matthew Stafford can hold his own against anyone in the NFL, and that includes Andrew Luck.

Both teams have higher hopes for 2016, and getting a win to start off the season would be a huge step in the right direction. Indy has multiple issues on defense, meaning the Lions should exploit them all day long.

Coin Flip: Indianapolis

Prediction: Lions 34 Colts 28

New England at Arizona (-6, 47), 8:30 (NBC) - This is what happens when your starting quarterback likes his balls a little deflated. You end up with him on the bench for the first few games of the season. That's the issue de jour for the Patriots, but they were going to be in for a tussle at Arizona no matter who was taking snaps.

The Cardinals should win this game with relative ease, but "should" and "did" are two totally different things. Still, the Cardinals appear a solid choice.

Coin Flip: New England

Prediction: Cardinals 27 Patriots 13

Monday, September 12

Pittsburgh (-3, 50) at Washington, 7:10 (ESPN) - Both teams were in the playoffs last season, so this ranks as a quality meeting of near-equals.

The Steelers are notorious for slow starts. The Redskins aren't exactly flying out of the gate either, but they should old their way to a win. This game may mark a highlight for hard hits in week one.

Coin Flip: Washington

Prediction: Redskins 20 Steelers 18

Los Angeles (-2 1/2, 44 1/2) at San Francisco, 10:20 (ESPN) - Many a sports pundit has declared that the 49ers might challenge to become the worst team n the NFL, and that was even before Colin Kaepernick's national anthem antics started.

Gratefully, Blaine Gabbert will be the starter for San Fran, but that won't help. Fans could get to see his backup do something he does better than protest, that is, run with and throw a football. In any circumstance, the Rams come out on top.

Coin Flip: Los Angeles

Prediction: Rams 30 49ers 13

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