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WEEK 4 NFL Preseason

All times Eastern

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8:00 pm Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints (-2 1/2, 37) - The Ravens are 3-0, the Saints, 2-1. This game will even that up as the Saints win again at home. It may be raining outside the Superdome, but it will be raining TD passes inside. Be prepared for mayhem.

Coin Flip: Baltimore

Prediction: Saints 34 Ravens 30

8:00 pm Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings (-3, 38) - After missing the playoffs last year, the Vikings seem to be on a mission. Their only loss was a 20-13 setback at Seattle, which is actually a positive.

Miami has allowed a league-high 89 points in their three games and they are winless on the road.

Coin Flip: Minnesota

Prediction: Vikings 31 Dolphins 21

8:00 pm Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears (-3 1/2, 36) - At 2-1, the Bears look credible, but, it's still preseason and they're very unproven. Surprising Cleveland is 3-0 and there's some team pride on the line, which should bode well for the visitors.

The Browns have allowed just 29 points over three games, which is third-best behind Baltimore (19) and New Orleans (27)

Coin Flip: Cleveland

Prediction: Browns 26 Bears 20

8:00 pm Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans (NL, NL) - The game has been moved to Dallas (AT&T Stadium in Arlington), making Dallas the home team, and the line is not yet adjusted. Tough spot for Houston, but not as tough as the one facing most residents of their city. Cowboys get the nod just for being the better team all around, but Houston gets all proceeds as a donation to disaster relief. Both teams are winners.

UPDATE: This game has been cancelled by the NFL.

Coin Flip: Dallas

Prediction: Cowboys 23 Texans 17

8:30 pm Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs (-3, 38) - While both teams are 1-2, the comparison ends there. The Titans are not vey deep at a variety of positions, including QB, where the Chiefs have a bevy of players vying for roster spots on a team that stands a good chance to win the NFC West this year.

Tennessee has scored just 44 points. Don't expect them to add much to that here.

Coin Flip: Kansas City

Prediction: Chiefs 23 Titans 13

9:00 pm Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos (-2 1/2, 36 1/2) - The Broncos have looked solid defeating Chicago, San Francisco and Green Bay and are likely to complete the preseason without a blemish.

Arizona will be sitting lots of players, having already played four times (they lost the Hall of Fame game to Dallas, 20-18). The other defeat was 24-23, to the Bears, but this one is going to be by more.

Coin Flip: Denver

Prediction: Broncos 24 Cardinals 17

10:00 pm LA Chargers at San Francisco 49ers (-3, 38) - Chargers head up the coast to meet a team they'll only see once every four years, so this is a good opportunity to see what good the substitutes are.

Unfortunately, the Chargers aren't very deep and are nothing without Phillip Rivers, who will be sitting this one out. San Francisco is 1-2, as are the Chargers, but give them an edge at home.

Coin Flip: San Francisco

Prediction: 49ers 31 Chargers 24

10:00 pm Seattle Seahawks (-1 1/2, 40) at Oakland Raiders - Closing out the preseason with the only game on the board with a road favorite, which is not an illusion, because the 3-0 Seahawks like to win preseason games and take no prisoners, starters or no starters.

The Raiders are a better team than their 0-3 preseason record indicates, but they are mailing this one in, as they have the others.

Coin Flip: Oakland

Prediction: Seahawks 19 Raiders 10

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