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Fearless Rick's College Football Week 10 Picks
Monster Clash in the Big East, West Virginia at Louisville Thursday night, LSU at Tennessee, Missouri at Nebraska, Texas tangles with Oklahoma St. and more ... (late Saturday games here). by Fearless Rick - 10/30/06.

NCAA College Football Week 9 TOP 25
USC and Clemson get bounced. Ohio St., West Virginia still 1-2.by Fearless Rick - 10/30/06.

Week 9 DMECRSTM Rankings
Ohio State opens up large lead at #1 while WVa is idle. by Fearless Rick - 10/30/06.

Cardinals Paint the Town Red
Defeat Tigers in Game 5 to capture World Series... by Fearless Rick - 10/27/06.

Fearless Rick's NFL Week 8 Picks
Colts visit Denver, Bucs at Giants, Chargers host the Rams and the Vikings welcome New England in key Monday nighter... by Fearless Rick - 10/25/06.

Eckstein wins one for the little guy; propels Cardinals to 3-1 series lead
Shortstop goes 4-5, delivers game winner in 5-4 win... by Fearless Rick - 10/26/06.

Playboy January 1979 25th Anniversary issue MAGAZINE OF THE WEEK: Playboy January 1979
17 reasons to love this classic of the men's magazine genre. by Fearless Rick - 10/26/06.

Carpenter nails down Tigers with 8 scoreless, Cardinals lead 2-1
Chris Carpenter twirls 3-hitter for 5-0 win... by Fearless Rick - 10/24/06.

Fearless Rick's College Football Week 9 Picks
Georgia visits the Gators, Missouri hosts Oklahoma, Beavers on track to down the Trojans, Texas - Texas Tech, Tennessee at South Carolina, more ... (late Saturday games here). by Fearless Rick - 10/24/06.

NCAA College Football Week 8 TOP 25
No changes in the Top 10 for the first time this season.by Fearless Rick - 10/23/06.

Week 8 DMECRSTM Rankings
West Virginia #1, Ohio State #2 - raw numbers don't lie. by Fearless Rick - 10/23/06.

Rogers, Tigers even series with 3-1 win
Kenny Rogers blanks the Birds for 8 on 2 hits... by Fearless Rick - 10/22/06.

Cadrinals Tame Tigers 7-1 in WS Opener
Pujols and Rolen go yard and Reyes pitches 8 strong... by Fearless Rick - 10/21/06.

College Hoops Preseason Top 25
The preseason picks have been sorted out, sorta, plus previews of the top 8 now at College Basketball Daily... Blogged by Fearless Rick - 10/21/06.

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Complete WORLD SERIES Coverage
It's the Cardinals vs. the Tigers in the Fall Classic. Check out our preview, special features, player comparisons and game-by-game details.by Fearless Rick - 10/20/06.

Elections 2006: Over the Cliff and into the Abyss
With less than three weeks to go, it looks like a Dem landslide, but what about those dirty tricks and Diebold machines?... Blogged by Fearless Rick - 10/19/06.

Fearless Rick's NFL Week 7 Picks
Struggling Redskins head for Indy, soaring Giants have Monday night date in Dallas, Vikings visit Seattle, Panthers prowl Cincinnati and more... by Fearless Rick - 10/18/06.

Fearless Rick's College Football Week 8 Picks
Big games galore! Texas at Nebraska, Georgia Tech at Clemson, UCLA invades Notre Dame, more ... (late Saturday games here). by Fearless Rick - 10/17/06.

NCAA College Football Week 7 TOP 25
Ohio State and West Virginia stay 1-2 after both win big. Florida flops, Auburn rebounds.by Fearless Rick - 10/16/06.

Week 7 DMECRSTM Rankings
Now it's Clemson at #1 as the Tigers claw the competition. by Fearless Rick - 10/16/06.

College Basketball Daily Is Back!!
The 2006-07 college basketball season officially begins tonight with Midnight Madness, and the CBD is fast-breaking with a preview of the Florida Gators and the rest of the top 25 to follow... by Fearless Rick - 10/13/06.

Magazine of the Week - VERVE, December 1937
Paris, Henri Matisse, Picasso and the art world of the late 1930s in Verve magazine. by Rick Gagliano - 10/12/06.

Fearless Rick's NFL Week 6 Picks
The Rams host Seattle, Philly travels to the Big Easy, Cincy plays the Bucs in Florida, Giants at Falcons and more... by Fearless Rick - 10/11/06.


A's vs Tigers and Cardinals vs. Mets analysis to determine baseball's World Series participants. by Fearless Rick - 10/10/06.

Fearless Rick's College Football Week 7 Picks
Missouri and Rutgers are still undefeated but face stern tests; will the Gators munch on Tiger this weekend, UCLA at Oregon, Michigan at Penn St. and much more ... (late Saturday games here). by Fearless Rick - 10/10/06.

NCAA College Football Week 6 TOP 25
#1 Auburn hog-tied at home, falls to #10. Buckeyes take top spot with Mountaineers and Gators close.by Fearless Rick - 10/9/06.

Week 6 DMECRSTM Rankings
The Florida Gators take over the #1 position in the experimental rankings by a razor-thin margin over surprising Boise State. by Fearless Rick - 10/9/06.

The Gnashing of Teeth and Tearing of Flesh
Politics never looked more vicious, as explained in this article on the Foley-Hastert-Boehner-Reynolds scandal. by Fearless Rick - 10/5/06.

Fearless Rick's NFL Week 5 Picks
Analysis of all games including Redskins at Giants, Saints at Bucs, Panthers at Browns, Bills at Bears, Steelers at San Diego, Ravens at Broncos, and more. by Fearless Rick - 10/4/06.

Fearless Rick's College Football Week 6 Picks
Will Clemson end Wake Forest's streak? Can Pitt win in a dome?, Oklahoma hosts Texas, who's best in the West, and more... (late Saturday games here). by Fearless Rick - 10/3/06.

NCAA College Football Week 5 TOP 25
Auburn and Ohio State remain 1-2; Georgia Tech bounces Hokies, Rutgers and Navy make the grade.by Fearless Rick - 10/2/06.

Week 5 DMECRSTM Rankings
Longhorns hook top spot in experimental rankings while Florida hangs 1 point behind. USC cracks top 10. by Fearless Rick - 10/2/06.