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Fearless Rick's NFL Week 13 Picks
Ravens at Bengals Thursday night... Sunday, Dallas invades New York, San Diego at Buffalo, Vikings at Bears, Denver hosts Seattle and more... by Fearless Rick - 11/29/06.

Fearless Rick's College Football Week 14 Picks
Championship Week in the SEC, Big 12, Mid-America, Conference USA, plus huge USC-UCLA matchup, Army-Navy, Rutgers-WVA and more ... (late Saturday games here). by Fearless Rick - 11/28/06.

NCAA College Football Week 13 TOP 25
USC may have knocked Notre Dame clear out of the BCS and eliminated any talk of a Michigan-Ohio State rematch. by Fearless Rick - 11/27/06.

Week 13 DMECRSTM Rankings
Hawaii takes #1 spot... for now, as idle Ohio State drops to #2. by Fearless Rick - 11/27/06.

RED SHIFT: Were Democrats denied a landslide in the 2006 vote?
Though the Dems took control of both houses of Congress, exit poll studies are suggesting that they should have gained many more seats, plus, the return of Dr. Steve Freeman!! by Fearless Rick at the Thought Puh-leeze Blog - 11/22/06.

Fearless Rick's NFL Week 12 Picks
Playoff hunt begins: Bears at New England, Eagles fly in on the Colts, Saints at Falcons, Chiefs host Denver in KC, Bengals at hard luck Browns and more... by Fearless Rick - 11/22/06.

Fearless Rick's College Football Week 13 Picks
Bowl seedings on the line as Notre Dame visits USC, the Aggies travel to face Texas, LSU hosts the Razorbacks, Florida at Florida State, Georgia vs. Georgia Tech and more in rivalry week part 2 ... (late Saturday games here). by Fearless Rick - 11/21/06.

NCAA College Football Week 12 TOP 25
Ohio State won the big game vs. Michigan, but who's #2? Easy, it's Florida, but Boise St. deserves a shot. by Fearless Rick - 11/20/06.

Week 12 DMECRSTM Rankings
Ohio State ends the regular season at #1, but to get an idea of how hard it is to choose a #2, our rankings have Hawaii, Boise St. and BYU in order. by Fearless Rick - 11/20/06.

Meet the Press and Media Bias
This all started last Sunday when the political talk show had John McCain and Joe Lieberman as guests. I wrote, they responded... by Fearless Rick at Thought Puh-Leeze- 11/12/06 - 11/18/06.

Fearless Rick's NFL Week 11 Picks
Big time games Indy at Dallas, Chargers at Broncos, Giants at Jacksonville, Falcons at Ravens, Cincinnati at New Orleans... by Fearless Rick - 11/15/06.

Fearless Rick's College Football Week 12 Picks
The BIG ONE - Michigan at Ohio State, plus Cal at USC, Maryland at Boston College, Hokies hosted by Demon Deacons and more ... (late Saturday games here). by Fearless Rick - 11/14/06.

NCAA College Football Week 11 TOP 25
Ohio State and Michigan remain undefeated and atop the rankings as four upsets scramble the Top 10. by Fearless Rick - 11/13/06.

Week 11 DMECRSTM Rankings
Ohio State opens up daylight as Hawaii makes its case by powering past Michigan into the #2 slot. by Fearless Rick - 11/13/06.

Fearless Rick's NFL Week 10 Picks
Giants host the Bears Sunday night, Rams at Seahawks, Broncos at Raiders, Chargers at Cincy, Saints invade Pittsburgh and much more... by Fearless Rick - 11/8/06.

Greetings from the Blue States
Just something I whipped up this morning ... by Fearless Rick - 11/8/06.

Fearless Rick's College Football Week 11 Picks
Tennessee travels to Arkansas, USC home to Oregon Ducks, Gamecocks in Florida, Louisville at Rutgers and more ... (late Saturday games here). by Fearless Rick - 11/7/06.

LiveBlogging the Elections of 2006
Intrepid predictions, real-time commentary, winners, losers, and wide-eyed election coverage begins Tuesday at 2:00 pm EST. by Fearless Rick - 11/6/06.

NCAA College Football Week 10 TOP 25
Ohio State and Michigan ranked #1-2 as dominant Big 10 teams remain unbeaten at 10-0. by Fearless Rick - 11/6/06.

Week 10 DMECRSTM Rankings
Ohio State, Auburn and Texas top experimental rankings. by Fearless Rick - 11/6/06.

Fearless Rick's NFL Week 9 Picks
Colts at Patriots in huge Sunday night clash, Cowboys at Redskins, Dolphins seek to end Bears win streak at 7, Vince Young and the Titans visits the Jaguars and more... by Fearless Rick - 11/1/06.