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  1. About DT Magazine: We purchase books, magazines, records, cds, sports cards and memorabilia from people around the world. We RESELL. We are not collectors, though we are in contact with many.
  2. We have been selling on Amazon, eBay and Yahoo auctions and our ownweb site for the past FIVE years and have a stellar reputation.
  3. We are fair, honest and reliable. While we do not know you, we can verify our existence with email address, physical address and phone number (listed), two eBay IDs, Amazon ID, Yahoo ID, PayPal ID, and more. If we reach an agreement on price, this information will be provided to you as your security.
  4. We will not buy sight-unseen, for any reason. We will pay what we promise upon receipt of goods.
  5. Payment: We pay by check upon inspection to our satisfaction. If we can come to an agreement to purchase your collection, we will specify a price based upon the information you provide. THE COST OF SHIPPING TO US IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. We will provide information and assistance on how to ship in an inexpensive and safe manner. Once we have recieved the items and are satisfied as to the content and condition, we will send you a check.
  6. In the case that the items you agree to sell arrive in a condition or in quantity different from what was specified, we will do our best to recify the situation with you. In the case that we cannot come to an agreement, we will ship the items back to you at your expense.
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Questions? Contact Rick Gagliano by email or call at 585-458-0498.