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October 20, 2012

November , 2012

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Downtown, the Unbound Magazine's From the Publisher's Desk

Fearless Rick | 1/10/2013

The Unvarnished Truth (or at least the patina)

A while ago, I promised to reveal the truth about how the Gannett Corporation (and its nameless, faceless executives) destroyed my business and ruined my life.

Since that time, I've been rolling over the events which led to my demise, my departure from the media business (for a while), the black hole of despair into which I was thrust, and, admittedly, there turned up more demons - demons which I had sought to expel over many years - that I wished not to entertain further.

Certainly, the public expects the truth, and they are entitled to it in most cases, but, this is a more personal story, and it's a long one, wit myriad twists and turns and changes and misconceptions, so I thought better to leave it alone, mostly, preferring instead to just leave some hints and some still unresolved questions.

Because, as truth is sometimes more perception than reality and it is a fleeting, fragile thing at most times, it is my truth, my knowledge and my understanding of events that eventually must be believed or dealt with or discarded.

Thus, I will not reveal everything, partly because it's still painful, partly because it is too cathartic, partly because nobody cares some 23-24 years later, but mostly because I wish to save it for later, when there is more proof or the perpetrators are all dead (I am certain that I will outlive all of them), or until somebody steps up and admits to the obvious.

What I will do is delineate a cast of characters, actors, as it may be, in my life's melodrama, bit players in a chapter of a longer saga which, for the most part, does not include nor need them.

But first, I wanted to offer some perspective on the truth, and these three quotes seemed most appropriate.

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple." -- Oscar Wilde

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." -- Steve Jobs

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." -- Albert Einstein

I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want.
-- Muhammad Ali

--- Story continues below ---

As for the characters in this little show, which took place in and around Rochester, Geneseo and Livonia, New York, in the late 1980s, here's the list. People who know me well will be able to identify most of the players. While I don't claim that all of these people were part of a conspiracy, each had a little part in the undoing of my enterprise and my sanity, which, in the end, was salvaged, though the enterprise was completely lost.

At the conclusion of the list will be the central question upon which answer rests the ultimate truth as to which parties bear the most responsibility for wrongdoing. I'll let the sleuths and truth-seekers take it from there to wherever and whatever they might find.

The unscrupulous bankruptcy attorney who was later disbarred and jailed
The editors of the Times-Union and D&C regional editions
Editorial page editors of the TU and D&C
Various Times-Union pressmen
Underground Al (RIP)
Idiot Girl (actually, the person she was before becoming Idiot Girl)
Drugs and Alcohol
Big Bobby (I'd say RIP, but the guy was a two-bit crook, eff him)
The guy who got arrested after telling me the truth about Tom Termotto
District Attorney Howard Relin
One of two people who went by the nickname "JC"
The "Flower" (useless)
The drivers who delivered paper to my printing plant in Livonia
The Mayor of Rochester (Tom Ryan)
Various judges in Monroe and Livingston County
Dick Mayberry (RIP)
The Mob (likely the B Team)
Any number of attorneys who knew me at the time
The Magnificent Seven (leaders of the Downtown Business Association)
The City of Rochester Police Department
The guy who stole my sneakers, robbed my apartment, got caught and then accused me of breaking into his (I did)
Bob Gapsky's daughter's boyfriend
Ron Arena (RIP)
The Albany lawyer who never initiates communication with me
The revolving door of Downtown Magazine employees between 1987 and 1990
The one guy with whom I shared the nickname "Bastard."
Various government officials in Livingston County
The Postmaster of the Livonia Post Office
Leon Wright (RIP)
Billy (Trebor)
The State of New York Department of Taxation and Finance
The IRS agent who ask me how I liked "small rooms."
The manager of a bank in Livonia
The woman from Geneseo with whom I had an affair
Mrs. Bradley's son
Whoever torched my building in Livonia
The Livonia insurance agent who tried to jam me
The guy who repossessed my Bonneville and stole my stereo
The person who shot at me on Maplewood Park Avenue and Rose Street
The operator and floor manager of the pulp mill outside Buffalo
Rose (both of them)
A few of the Page Three Girls
The Supreme War Overlord
A few doctors in Honeoye Falls
The principal of Livonia High School
The People involved with the DWI treatment program
More doctors
My brother, my sister and my father
... and many more.

--- Story continues below ---

Obviously, this is a story with plenty of angles and a cast of literally thousands, which would take months to recreate and verify, yet another reason that I'm not at liberty to divulge what I believe to be the truth, but here's the one question which overrides and overarches the entire saga:

Who, or what entity, would have the power to instruct the operator/manager and/or delivery men of a large paper mill to sabotage rolls of paper to be delivered to my printing plant with enormous gashes down the side, making them unfit and useless to run through a Goss Community Press and then have these people deny knowledge of how it happened?

And just one more thing: Who would have a motive to do such a thing?

That's the best I can do for now. I'll leave the rest to the the wisdom of collective imagination.

The truth will set you free, and it is out there.

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