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December 2002

Dec. 18, 2002

Political Correctness at the Extreme
Trent Lott is being victimized by the media and the left. How will it end and why do Americans support iconoclasm?
posted by Rick Gagliano

Trent Lott is being victimized by the media and the left. How will it end and why do Americans support iconoclasm?

It's certain that what Trent Lott said at Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party has been taken far, far out of context. Lott, an educated man, would never have made a statement such as that had he thought it would be interpreted as it was. The suffering garbage-heaving that has followed - by every left-wing hand-wringing, minority-loving tree-hugging liberal sycophant - has left an indelible stain on the fabric of our once-great democratic society.

It's the stain of the lynch mob mentality... the stench of the crowd of Lilliputians taking down the giant Gulliver. Small people with political agendas can do wonders when they work together. This band of societal terrorists, who seek nothing other than to bring the Democrats back into power in the Senate, searched out their victim, bound him and have continued to tighten the ropes.

Why did it take a week for Lott's gaffe to become public? Why has it taken twenty years for the liberals and the media to discover that he's some sort of horribly evil man? (He's not.) The people behind this scheme to take the Senate back from the Republicans - the DNC, the NAACP and the leftist media elite - carefully plotted and orchestrated this entire sordid mess, and it should be left to them to clean it up.

When all is said and done, there's no proof that Trent Lott meant that we should be a separatist nation, a racially-biased society or anything more than just what he said, and that was that we'd be better off if Strom Thurmond was elected president back in 1948.

Who can say that we might not be? How would the history of our nation have been different? No one can know. It's obvious - to anybody with a brain and without a political agenda - that Lott's statement was directed at Thurmond in a jocular and friendly manner.

But the brain police of the left are interpreting his words for their benefit - and reigniting the flame of class division and racial hatred. They may take down Trent Lott; they may be able to force his resignation from the Senate, and then what will they have accomplished?

They'll have accomplished what they set out to do - to rebalance the Senate so that there's no Republican majority, but rather a 50-50 split between Democrats and Republicans - something they could not do through the electoral process, but they think they can do through a seamy smear campaign which will leave one man disgraced and a nation at odds with itself.

Lott, and anybody else for that matter, can be accused of being just about anything, but what we really are is for us to know and for the historians to decipher. Lott is the Senate majority leader from the state of Mississippi. The people have already spoken, not once, not twice, but three times - that's how many times Lott was elected and re-elected to the Senate. And before that, he served in the House of Representatives for 16 years - from 1972 to 1988. His record stands as testimony of his value as an elected official. As for his leadership role, let the Republicans decide. If they truly have the will to lead, they will keep Lott as their leader. If they remove him, they will have shown themselves to be spineless and cowardly.

Lott should not have apologized as profusely and as often as he has been forced to do. Once should have been enough. However, the leftist thought police and the media - ever thirsty for conservative blood - weren't satisfied, are not satisfied and will never be satisfied. If Lott is not taken down, they will victimize another leader, and another and another. It's a sickening process, one that we as Americans should be ashamed to see and even more aghast that anyone would support such tactics.

Leave Senator Lott alone. He made a poor choice of words, apologized and that should be enough. Let's hope that by January 6th it is.

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