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Dec. 09, 2003

Playboy Announces Deal for New Web Site in Brazil and Abril Expand
posted by Wire Reports

NEW YORK, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:PLA) , and Abril, the leading publisher of consumer magazines and Internet sites in Brazil, today announced an agreement to launch a newly enhanced Brazilian version of Playboy Online. The deal will enable Abril to add multiple revenue stream opportunities to what is already one of the most popular sites in Brazil, . The deal marks the fourth international Playboy web site, with other countries including Germany, Taiwan, and most recently, the Netherlands.

The new will focus on the entertainment and lifestyle interests of young men by offering a wide range of content, including love and sex, arts, sports, style and more. A local editorial staff will create original Playboy-style content, as well as make use of content from Playboy Brazil, the most successful men's lifestyle publication in Brazil, also published by Abril. In addition, will translate U.S.- originated content, including extensive exclusive features, streaming video and live event coverage. As with other international Playboy sites, will mirror the U.S. multiple revenue stream model, which includes advertising, subscription-based clubs and e-commerce offerings.

Randy Nicolau, president of Playboy Online, stated: "International expansion continues to be a strong focus for us and since Brazil is the largest Latin American market, we recognize the enormous potential that exists there. We have a 28 year history with Abril as our magazine publishing partner for Playboy Brazil and we are thrilled to expand on this successful partnership by re-launching a revenue-generating version of"

Nicolau continued: "We are excited to work with Abril to enrich the consumer experience as well as offer tremendous multi-media opportunities to advertisers during a time when Internet penetration is surging in Latin America."

Mauro Calliari, general manager of Abril's Playboy Brazil, stated: "We believe that the launch of this new site will create a deeper connection between our online users and the Playboy brand. will offer premium content and provide a richer media experience to our consumers and to our advertisers. We are convinced that the combination of two media platforms, a traditional magazine and the Internet, will create a better user experience and also strengthen the power of the Playboy brand within Brazil."

The Playboy brand was introduced in Brazil nearly three decades ago, when the first Brazilian edition of Playboy was launched in 1975 in partnership with Abril. The circulation of Playboy Brazil has grown steadily over the years and currently averages 550,000 copies per month with more ad pages than any other foreign edition of Playboy. Playboy Brazil has had several top- selling editions, featuring Playmates and well-known local celebrities, which have had copy sales reaching more than one million.

Source: Playboy Enterprises, Inc.


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Playboy Announces Deal for New Web Site in Brazil

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