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Playboy January 1963

Cover: Merle Pertile, Avis Kimble, Laura Young, Kari Knudsen, Marissa Mathes

Playmate: Judi Montgomery

Pictorials: Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in the blockbuster $37 million 20th Century Fox movie of the same name; Playmate review features 1961 playmates including Mickey Winters, Myra Carter, Pamela Gordon, June Cochran, Avis Kimble, Jan Roberts.

Features: The Playboy Philosophy Part 2; 12-page hilarious Playboy coloring book; fiction, "The Golden Frog", by Ken W. Purdy; "To Be Courteous To Women" by William Saroyan; splendid compendium, A Man's World, including the following: A Conservative's View, by William F. Buckley, Jr.; A Liberal's View, by Norman Mailer; The Millionaire Mentality, by J. Paul Getty; Gerald Kersh and Budd Schulberg on the Patterson-Liston Championship fight; The Career Woman, by Philip Wylie; Sahl On Playboy, by Mort Sahl; "A Man's Credo", final reflections on his life by Ernest Hemingway; Meeting With Hemingway, by Evgeny Evtushenko; Shepherd Mead's satirical view on "How To Select Your First Wife"; full page Vargas Girl, full page Jules Feiffer cartoon, "The Thinker"; Little Annie Fanny spends New Year's Eve with Daddy Bigbucks.

Pages: 182

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