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Back Issue Newsletter Sept. 2006

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Page 1 - Feature Story: Ebay's Days Numbered by Yahoo's Gains

Page 2 - Top Selling Magazines for September

Page 3 - Site Updates - Protective Sleeves - Vogue, Saturday Evening Post and TV Guide - 2 Buck Trading Post

Page 4 - Special Feature - premiere of Magazine of the Week

Site Updates and notes for September:

by Rick Gagliano - 9/21/06.

Protective Sleeve Prices Set to Rise

As we've all seen gasoline and petroleum-related products rise over the last 18 months, we've been able to hold the line on our high quality protected magazine and record sleeves, until now.

Our supplier informs us that there will indeed be a price increase of roughly 10% on all sleeves within a month. That much is already known. The exact date of the price rise has not been announced, though I have a guarantee on my prices at least until October 2.

I am passing this information on now, in case you are planning a purchase of sleeves in the near future. You can save a little money (or a lot, if you order in quantity) in the next week to 10 days. Sleeves can be purchased online with PayPal, here.

Bear in mind that I can supply just about any size sleeve, in addition to the sizes and quantities available on the dtmagazine.com site. If you have special requests, contact me by email at sleeves@dtmagazine.com. If you aren't paying with PayPal, you can mail payments to:

Downtown Magazine
29 Owen Street
Rochester, NY 14615

Make sure to include a note indicating what you're ordering along with your address for shipping. Make sure to check out our combo specials if you're just starting out or have a need for just a small number of sleeves.

It pays to protect your investment.

Vogue, Saturday Evening Post and TV Guide

I've been working diligently over the past few months gathering prices and information on Vogue, Saturday Evening Post and TV Guide magazines and those pages will be published during the month of October. Some of the information is rather sketchy and there's limited information on some issues, especially more recent dates of Vogue and TV Guide, but there's some solid pricing data on a good number of valuable issues.

While those pages are in the works, I'll also be updating Sports Illustrated by adding more single issue pages and updating the prices, some of which are close to 3 years old, but still highly representative.

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2 Buck Trading Post

I recently launched a new page, designed for people seeking to sell collections, purchase rare single issues, advertise auctions or promote a web site. I call it the 2 Buck Trading Post, and you can place an ad for a month for a mere $2, or until your needs are met. Please take a look and see whether you have something to offer. PayPal is accepted as payment for ads, on the result page when placing your ad.

I get emails nearly every day from people seeking particular issues or wishing to sell a collection. While I would love to handle all of these requests, I simply do not carry a large enough inventory, nor do I have the amount of cash needed to buy everyone's collection (though I wish I could!). With the trading post is an opportunity for those of you out there who do have inventory and loads of cash (you know who you are) to do a little business at a very low cost.

Introducing the Magazine of the Week:

For some time, I've been toying with the idea of featuring a collectible magazine every week, and finally have somewhat of a list of interesting titles with which to work. Beginning with this issue of the newsletter, a different collectible magazine will be featured on the News/Updates page every Thursday.

To start off this series, here's an ultra rare issue of Life magazine (just when you thought you had a complete collection...)

Click here for the magazine of the week, a copy of which recently sold on eBay for $600.00.

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