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October 15, 1984

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Sports Illustrated October 15, 1984

COVER: Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton

FEATURES: Up And Over, To The Record And Beyondby Rick Telander, highlights Walter Payton breaking Jim Brown's career rushing record (super photos); The Playoffs- San Deigo Padres and Detroit Tigers head to the World Series, with photos of Steve Garvey, Tony Gwynn, Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson and others; special feature on NHL Hockey 1984-85 with a preview of the upcoming season and features and photos on Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and breakdown on all the teams; special ad section on the World Series by Stan Musial; The Torrent of Deathby Robert Sullivan - Caribou hunting in Canada; plus college and pro football and loads of great photos and sports features throughout.

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