Articles are going up as quickly as possible. Check back on election day (that's Tuesday, dimwit!) for more, live blogging at Thought Puh-leeze until the meds take over and after-the-fact gloating, hand-wringing, and post mortem for losers (Republicans). Newer articles are posted last in line, just to confuse you.

Live Blogging Election 2008
It's Election Day at long last. Will Obama seal the deal in Virginia, Ohio, Florida and Colorado or will the Republicans steal another one? All election night, results of swing states, plus key congressional races reported and commented upon. Bring your own bong and boilermakers. It's gonna be a party!by Fearless Rick, in progress, 11/4/08

About the 2008 Election Guide
Why this guide was put together in the final two days of the election process, why it is biased, one-sided and incomplete and why the publisher is not likely to be wearing pants or listening to anything any Republican will ever say. by Fearless Rick, 11/3/08

Election Guide 2008 FAQs
Questions, some with answers, about the voting and election process in the USA, including discussion on battleground states, who can and cannot vote, when and where to vote, whether gay people can vote, what votes don't count. by Fearless Rick, 11/3/08

Rush Limbaugh's Final Hours
As Election Day draws ever closer, Rush Limbaugh and is horde of right-wing nut jobs on talk radio are feeling the sting of defeat. How Rush rose to become the biggest, most-bombasitic political commentator in radio history, and how the fall will be hard, painful and a welcome change. by Fearless Rick, 11/3/08

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