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Monday, February 16, 2009

Made in America Plastics

One of the issues that's been raised recently in congress is the "Made in America" clause that's been included in the $790 billion stimulus bill which President Obama will sign into law on Tuesday.

It's important that Americans begin making the same kind of products that we were importing from China and other Asian nations over the past 10-15 years. If you're into hand-made toys or crafts with working parts or working with gears, collars and plastic tracks, there are any number of excellent American companies from which you can order these supplies.

"Buy American" has been criticized by Chinese and Indian government authorities for fear that such protectionism might spark a trade war and further damage the global economy. China and India probably have more to fear from this kind of development than the USA. Here in the US we are free to engage in any kind of business we desire, on a personal basis, for any amount of money. Creating inexpensive products with our own labor may be a direction toward a more sustainable economy.

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