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WowGao's e-Financial WorldExpo Gaining Momentum
Wire Editor | TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) 11/04/04

e-Financial WorldExpo (www.efworldexpo.wowgao.com), to be held on November 18-19, has gained a tremendous amount of momentum with participation from major IT vendors and leading international banks and other financial institutions. It has become the most anticipated IT event for the financial services industry.

With its innovate concept and promising outlook for the information technology market, the 2004 e-Financial WorldExpo, hosted by WowGao, has attracted support from Citi Group, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Mellon Financial, Sun Life Financial, Prudential Financial, and hundreds of major players in the financial services industry.

Prime Minister Paul Martin, in his welcome letter, stated that "this Expo will give [delegates] the opportunity to evaluate current trends and propose creative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century" in the financial market. Dalton McGuinty, Primer of Ontario, in his welcome letter, mentioned that not only IT and financial services sectors are "crucial components" of Ontario's "economic growth and prosperity," but also stated, "this important gathering will provide a forum for a fresh, creative ideas and engages delegates in meaningful and insightful dialogue."

Sponsored by Financial Times, National Post and dozens of international media outlets, the event has received attention and support from the industry. With technology applications as the primary determinant of an institution's success, banking institutions, insurance brokers and providers, and investment firms will use this event to learn how to utilize intelligent web-based applications, superior networking solutions, and other innovative technologies, to deliver more efficient operations and superior customer care.

Hundreds of leading IT vendors sponsor, exhibit, and present at this event, including HP, Dell, Oracle, Computer Associate, SAP, Research in Motion, Macromedia, Intel, Cisco, SAS, Deloitte. More than 60 internationally recognized speakers will discuss the latest issues on Security, Regulatory Compliance, Outsourcing, Enterprise Risk Management, Service-Oriented Business and other hot topics in the financial services industry.

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Art Aderline - Tech Editor