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Snap Central - Pro & College Football Picks

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SNAP CENTRAL - Fearless Rick's NFL & College Football Picks

Update 10/9: - College picks were once again very tough, as I went 5-7, bringing my season total to 35-41. NFL wasn't any easier, as I hit for 5-8-1, noticing plenty of non-covering winning favorites. Note to self: Vegas oddsmakers are giving favs larger spreads, knowing that they get they bulk of the action, week in and out. NFL picks for the season are still positive, at 37-35-4.

Update 10/2: - After going 5-6 on Saturday in a week full of upsets, my college picks stand at 30-34 for the season. Sunday was an exceptional day, going 10-3 and then adding New England on Monday night for an 11-3 week which brings my NFL total to 32-27-3 for the season. Find me a handicapper who is better than 50% on the season thus far and I'll buy HIS picks. I am king (this week) in the NFL.

Update 9/27: - Updating my picks through the first 4 weeks of college and first three weeks of pro football picks. College: Week 1: 9-3; Week 2: 7-5; Week 3: 4-9; Week 4: 5-7; Total: 25-28. NFL: Week 1: 8-7-1; Week 2: 6-9-1; Week 3: 7-8-1; Total: 21-24-3.

Update 9/4: - Nobody is more happy than me that preseason pro football is over. I finished week 4 with a 7-8-1 record, to bring my total to 30-31-4 for the entire preseason.

Let's put that junk behind us and head for the real thing!

My opening weekend of college football was a healthy 9-3, which really didn't surprise me in the least. My strength has always been the college games and this season I'm off to a super start.

Downtown Magazine's College Football Top 25 is up, and the differences from the national polls may surprise some. Update 8/28: - After starting out week 3 of preseason 6-0 ATS, my picks slumped on Saturday and Sunday, so that I ended up a respectable, but disappointing, 9-7. The second straight winning week did, however, boost my overall record to the .500 mark, at 23-23-3. Week 4 picks are up as are the opening weekend of College picks, It's a welcome relief to actually have some real games to handicap instead of these "make beleive" preseason conflicts.

Honeslty, I wouldn't put a nickel on NFL preseason games, though some of us just can't help themselves. The first weekend of college football is also unusually tough, but I've done the research and avoided the hype, so I'm pretty confident overall.

Update 8/23: The Bears' 27-24 win over Indy on Monday night pushed my picks into the positive column at 8-7-1 for the week, bringing my preseason total to 14-16-3 after two weeks. Week three may actually run more true-to-form, with starters getting up to 3 quarters worth of playing time, so I'm confident that my totals will push to the plus side for preseason, which, by the way, I have never - in 20+ years of picking winners - handicapped before this season.

Due to requests by emailers, I'll be offering my single best bet of the week and a discounted Monday night package throughout the season here. Enjoy.

Update 8/14: With the first full week of preseason games complete, my record for picks was 6-8-2, which, considering this is the first time I've ever done preseason picks, isn't all that bad. A field goal here or there would have pushed me past break even. Including the Hall of Fame game, my record is 6-9-2 overall, so I'll have to do better with Preseason Week 2 to get back to the sweet spot.

Preseason Week Two picks will be online around 4:00 EDT Tuesday. Onward and upward!

Update 8/6/07 - The Pittsburgh Steelers blitz the New Orleans Saints, 20-7, in the opener of preseason - the Hall of Fame Game. Ben Roethlisberger was 2-3 for 73 yards and Brian St. Pierre completed 8 of 14 passes for 149 yards and one touchdown, a 3 yard pass to Santonio Holmes.

The New Orleans' starters were much less efficient. Reggie Bush rushed twice for 8 yards and QB Drew Brees was 1-6 for 6 yards.

Pittsburgh's offense took advantage of the porous Saints' defense, which allowed a number of big plays. It was a great start for Pittsburgh's first-year head coach Mike Tomlin and a big boost for the Steelers players, who suffered through a sub-par season in 2006.

Week 1 preseason picks will be available here on Tuesday, August 7.

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