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Super Bowl QUIZ

Test your big game knowledge right here...

1. Who hold the lifetime record for most carreer punt return yards?
  • Dave Meggett, NY Giants
  • John Taylor, SF 49ers
  • Demond Howard, Green Bay Packers
  • Darrell Green, Washington Redskins

2. Who kicked the longest field goal in Super Bowl history?

  • Jim Turner, NY Jets
  • Jason Elam, Denver Broncos
  • Kevin Butler, Chicago Bears
  • Steve Christie, Buffalo Bills

3. Bud Grant, Marv Levy and Dan Reeves all hold the dubious distinction of losing 4 Super Bowls. Who shares the record with them?

  • Weeb Ewbank
  • Tom Landry
  • Don Shula
  • Chuck Knox

4. Which running back holds the single-game record for highest average yards per carry?

  • Tom Matte, Baltimore Colts
  • Marcus Allen, Los Angeles Raiders
  • John Riggins, Washington Redskins
  • Tony Dorsett, Dallas Cowboys

5. How many safties have there been in the history of the Super Bowl?

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

6. The longest punt in Super Bowl history was 63 yards. Who kicked it?

  • Ray Guy, Oakland Raiders
  • Rich Camarillo, New England
  • Tom Rouen, Denver
  • Lee Johnson, Cincinnati

7. The MVP award was awarded to two players just once in a Super Bowl game. Who were they?

  • Richard Dent and Mike Singletary, Chicago, XX
  • Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh, XIV
  • Randy White and Harvey Martin, Dallas, XII
  • Steve Young and Jerry Rice, San Francisco, XXIX

8. Who holds the single-game Super Bowl record for highest completion percentage?

  • Phil Simms, NY Giants
  • Tom Brady, New England Patriots
  • Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers
  • Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboys

9. The record for most points scored by both teams was in which Super Bowl game?

  • XXVII Dallas vs. Buffalo
  • XX Chicago vs. New England
  • XXIX San Francisco vs. San Diego
  • XIII Pittsburgh vs. Dallas

10. Jerry Rice holds the record for carreer Super Bowl receptions with 33. Who's second?

  • Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh
  • Deion Branch, New England
  • Andre Reid, Buffalo
  • Paul Warfield, Miami
11. Who caught the first touchdown pass in a Super Bowl?
  • Ray Chandler
  • Max McGee
  • Otis Taylor
  • Marv Fleming

12. People are always complaining about the refs in Super Bowls, but four teams - Pittsburgh, Miami, Denver and Atlanta - each had games in which they were not penalized, not even once. Oddly, only one of them won. Which was it?

  • Pittsburgh
  • Miami
  • Denver
  • Atlanta

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